Allison and Stefan Celebrate With Copper Pendants and Purple Hues

The Great Hall had the privilege of hosting Allison and Stefans ceremony and wedding. A simple, yet sophisticated, ceremony filled the Conversation Room with white chairs dressed by geoforms and a stunning arch front and centre. Allison had created the gorgeous arch as a DIY project using spray paint and copper paper straws while wiring all the elements prior to arriving to assemble the final arch day of.

The Main Hall’s set-up was a contrast to the ceremony with hues of purple and wooden chairs accentuated by copper pendants illuminated by tealight candles. The couple’s personality shone through their choice of table numbers, rather, famous figures from the good ol’days like Frank Sinatra. The newlyweds also proved to be a tight knit family using a sword, the family’s heirloom, to cut their cake.

The guests enjoyed a great night of live music, passed hors d’oeurves and dinner ending the night with a dancing and latenight poutine. Congratulations Allison and Stefan!


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