• Wed Apr 19 2017
  • 6:00 pm

  • Longboat Hall
  • CMW: CD Baby Showcase with Weird The Cats, Windigo, The Holds, BIRTHH, 3PEAT

CMW: CD Baby Showcase with Weird The Cats, Windigo, The Holds, BIRTHH, 3PEAT

CD Baby Showcase
Weird With Cats
The Holds

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
In The Great Hall’s Longboat Hall
Club series concert
Doors 6 pm | General admission | 19+
Tickets available online $10 + $3.55 processing fee
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WEIRD WITH CATS Alternative Weird With Cats is a 4 piece indie-alternative band from Ottawa. Made up of a mix of long-time friends, as well as new friends, Weird With Cats has evolved from a light-hearted folk band, into a punch-you-in-the-teeth rock band. www.weirdwithcats.bandcamp.com | Twitter @WeirdWithCats | Facebook @WeirdWithCats https://cmw.net/music/artists/weird-with-cats/

WINDIGO Indie Pop Rock
Let dreamy melodies and psychedelic summer vibes take you somewhere warm and far away. Windigo is the relentlessly lovable brain-child of Calgary’s Anthony Kameka (guitar & vocals), Del Coburn (bass), Tory Rosso (guitar) and Mitch Cooper (drums). Kameka’s mellow yet powerful vocals and Cooper’s exquisite rhythms balance expertly. www.windigomusic.ca | Facebook @WindigoMusic | Twitter @windigomusicith Co

THE HOLDS Rock & Roll, Blues/Rock, Soul/Rock
The Holds; currently an independent band, consisting of a coming-together of players from Montreal dedicated to craftsmanship, showmanship, shared musical tastes, touring and cutting records. The band, only together for about a year and a half – already have an EP under their belt and are launching a full-length album sometime this summer. ​ www.theholds.com | Facebook @theholds | Twitter @TheHoldsMusic | Instagram @theholdsmusic

BIRTHH is Italian Alice Bisis’ dark alter-ego, “the conscience of a nineteen-year-old who spends most of her time thinking about apocalyptic events.” It is a persona who defines herself as the “Queen of Failureland”, a young queen who finds no peace inside her mind: “I thought love was enough / But truth is love is dead.” Her debut album Born in the Woods isn’t just the voice of this character, it is her body itself: bass-drum kicks simulating frantic heartbeats, lungs breathing convulsively between the lines. www.woabirthh.tumblr.com | Facebook @birthhofficial

3PEAT Hip Hop
Steve, Egg and Dill The Giant form a triangle offence known as 3PEAT.
Facebook @ThreePeatMusic