Haus Musik

This February, Haus Musik brings the great outdoors inside as we discover long-lost secrets of the past. Forgotten manuscripts and the rare instrument known as the viola d’amore (the ‘viola of love’ – it is February after all) takes centre stage alongside DJ sets from (appropriately named!) Noble Oak.

This soundscape of the changing seasons will light a flame to banish the cold winter weather – so bring your friends, grab some drinks, and join us on Queen West for an intimate evening of music, imagery, dance and—always—a surprise or two.

More about Noble Oak: “Spanning a range of tempos and beat styles, this is music to love to, with a story packed into every song and melodies that lift you into the air.”

More about the viola d’amore: “What sets the 6 stringed viola d’amore apart from the rest of the violin and viola da gamba families is its second set of strings. These wire strings run beneath the fingerboard, and are not bowed or plucked, but resonate in sympathy with the playing strings, prolonging the tone and colouring sound silvery. The instrument has a variety of unusually shaped sound holes. The peg box is often topped with a carved head.”

Music by Biber, Anonymous, and Noble Oak.

Featuring Thomas Georgi (viola d’amore) and musicians from Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra

Directed by Anna Theodosakis
Lighting by Wesley McKenzie
Renee Killough, dancer
Set design by James Bolton