• Wed Feb 21 2024
  • 6:15 pm

  • Main Hall
  • TranscenDance


Equal parts unnerving and seductive, Eve of St. George is a voyeuristic and immersive recreation of Bram Stoker’s chilling tale of Dracula, scored by award-winning Canadian composer Owen Belton.

Upon arrival, guests don masks and are set free to roam the four levels of The Great Hall, re-imagined as a gothic Victorian setting for the stories of 16 characters to unfold.
Each patron decides their own path for the evening by choosing to follow a character, riffling through their personal effects as they travel through the building, or remaining in one room to watch what unfolds — and perhaps even personally interacting with a character.
Described by The Toronto Star as “a wonderful, disorienting, ethereal evening of immersive dance theatre” and “luxurious evening entertainment,” Eve of St. George is similar to NYC’s acclaimed Sleep No More, and Transcen|Dance Project was the first to bring this type of interactive theatrical experience to Toronto.
Feb 21st-24th
Tickets available at : www.transcendanceproject.com