• Thu May 18 2023
  • 7:30 pm

  • Longboat Hall
  • Tune In: For a better Toronto

Tune In: For a better Toronto

Join us for a night of finding joy in music, art, and community focused on the Toronto we could become. There is no better time than now to tune in.

We are coming up to a once in a decade opportunity to reshape Toronto’s future. Imagine a city where music and arts thrived, where we cared for our most vulnerable, and where real action on climate change was taken. This is what is possible if we come together and act now.

Green Majority Radio in partnership with CIUT 89.5FM, The Grind, and The Green Line are bringing together incredible local musical talent, artists, and community organizations to put together a night of joy, music, and visions for a Toronto that we could be proud to call home.

Automaticamore (DJ set)
Kemdilo Gold
Manny Dingo
Khan (DJ set)
Max Suillerot (Visual Artist)