Can we buy tickets at the door?

The Great Hall does not control any of the ticket sales for public events and can not confirm that tickets will be available at the door.  We do recommend purchasing tickets in advance to ensure your admittance.

The Great Hall is not liable to verify/change or refund tickets.

Is the show seated or not?

The Great Hall does not provide theatre style seating, unless requested by the promoter.  More information on the specific details of the show can be found in the calendar section of The Great Hall website or on the promoters website.

The Great Hall is not liable for last minute changes with seating arrangements.

At what time do the doors open?

Door timings and access to the venue(s) vary from show to show.  Additional information can be found in the calendar section of The Great Hall website or on the promoters website.

The Great Hall is not liable for door timings and last minute changes.

Does The Great Hall allow candles?

Yes, candles can be used as part of the décor for your event. Under the condition the candle is in votive with 1” above the tip of the flame. No permit necessary.