Do you provide rentals?

For all rental inquiries and assistance connect with your point of contact at The Great Hall.

What is the SOCAN fee?

It is an outside fee for playing pre-recorded or copyright music at an event. It is our legal copyright obligation to collect this fee and submit it to Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

Do you have a coat check?

During the winter months coat check is available for a nominal fee at most public events. The Great Hall is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What is your camera policy for shows?

The Great Hall’s camera and photography policy for performances varies depending on the organizer. Typically large DSLR cameras (cameras with a detachable lens) are not permitted at performances.

Do I have to be 19 to attend a show?

Some events maybe restricted to patrons of age 19+, please check the event details prior to purchasing your ticket and or attending and event.